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Our Mission

Following Jesus in His mission of loving people, places and things to life in Belize.

Who We Are

The Belize Project is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization committed to the holistic development of Belize. We seek to come alongside Belizeans, empowering and equipping them to continue in the transformation initiatives they have started. By ensuring Belizeans remain in the lead position, we work toward sustainability, minimizing dependence on foreign support.

What We Do

The Belize Project reaches out to Belizeans through health care, education and micro-enterprises, all in the name of Jesus Christ. We look for individuals making a difference and support their efforts. We build relationships with schools, churches, organizations and individuals focused around specific development areas to more effectively support the local churches in spreading the gospel.




Completed Projects

Foundation of Jacob’s Farm
Westminister Confession Distribution
Wilson Reading Program Distribution
“Transform Your Teaching” Implementation
“Journey to Freedom” in Prison System

Parnter Organizations

Manna Group – Visit website
Mission to the World – Visit website

Trips and Teams

VandyStudents2015_GroupThe Belize Project empowers a broad range of community development and cross-cultural work. Ministering along side Belizians who are highly engaged in transforming their country’s educational, health and economic structure builds enthusiasm both locally and globally.

Although Belize may be considered a nation of `material poverty’ their current development projects seek to enrich their communities with the positive elements and conditions. If you are interested in walking alongside their process of ongoing change, becoming involved in a trip or supporting an existing team may be a great move.

Contact us to hear about current needs and TEAM INVOLVEMENT in our most strategic areas.

Visit our TRIPS and TEAMS page for travel details.