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Dear Friends of Jacobs Farm, It’s appropriate to start with a very sincere thank you… for your prayers, donations, support, gifts, and general goodwill. Daily, it helps literally save lives. Substance abuse, to the extent that it drives men to seek this kind of help, is a very serious matter. They’ve hit rock bottom. They’ve usually lost almost everything including … Read More

Graduates! God’s Glory – Significance in Belize!

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Meet Beverly: US champion for Belize, from Fairview, TN; experienced with short term trips and collaborating with YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s Restore and Journey to Freedom training to bridge education and strengthen faith initiatives.  “Thank you for your prayers!”  In January our Restore Journey mission team completed another important milestone trip! We can now report over 1,000 graduates have completed the Journey to Freedom program … Read More

Launching a commitment for the future

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Belizean and US team members:  Individuals from both countries stay in touch regularly. Goals and insuring projects strengthen accountability in their walks of faith.  “2017 has spurred on learning in local schools, churches” Raising up leadership is contagious. From the smallest students, to inmates – gradual, steady steps encourage confidence. The Patchakan Presbyterian Church is making a commitment to launch their first group Journey to Freedom Group! … Read More

If you’re anything like me…

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Meet Joni: US team visitor on her first trip to Belize! She is on a year sabbatical, exploring the ways that places and people fit together. Joni saw the projects flourishing with many interconnections – friends ‘getting it done’ in their faith walk. “…what would I do?” If you’re anything like me, when you hear someone mention a missions trip, you think, … Read More

A New Year in Belize!

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Meet Charles and Nancy: US short term missionaries from Tennessee have been working the past two years seeding Project 61 in San Antonio. They love to keep the focus on the children, like Annalisa and Josie (sisters pictured above) playing on the newly-cut soccer field in San Antonio Village. Wonderfully clear – Corozal, Belize, and Project 61! The weather is beautiful! … Read More

Yes, Literacy…..WHY, HOW – Part III

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Going into a New Year, we are hoping to increase our efforts. Did you know that children are one third of our global population and 100% of our future?1  This is reason enough! Belize, like most developing nations, has very few age-appropriate books. Yes, the official language of Belize is English, and school curriculums are taught in English. But, the population speaks a variety of languages. … Read More

2016 Year-end Update

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Dear Friends, What began as a one-time mission trip to Belize birthed into a movement to help Belizeans help themselves through sustainable projects. Seventeen years and 763 trips later, The Belize Project has become a group of champions – both stateside and in Belize – who are developing this beautiful nation and spreading the good news of Jesus. Mac Kelton’s heart … Read More

Project 61 – Reading, Food Safety, & Byron

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Greetings, friends! A huge praise for us since our work in San Antonio Village, the teacher strike is officially over!  Much of our activity depends heavily on school being in session! And yet, this month also held the passing of a dear friend of ours, Bryon. In the featured photo, Charles and Byron are together at an after school program in San Antonio Village … Read More

Yes, Literacy… WHAT, WHERE – PART II

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WHAT, WHERE will we see an impact? WHAT will change the horizon for young lives, and WHERE will the impact be felt and seen? Here is a short Q & A that helps unpack the goals and strength behind The Belize Project’s Bedtime Stories. ‘Books’ have been the key resource for developing the mind of mankind for millennia. We are confident that increasing resources for literacy, placing books in … Read More

Yes, Literacy… for WHO? – PART I

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WHO are we talking about? “Who” lives together? And, who helps each another – – families! Parents, children and BABIES. Most educational development programs focus on school-aged children. But, research shows that a baby’s brain is 80% developed BEFORE the child even begins school!  Therefore, families – adults and children – need reading materials in the home and the habits to use them.  The Belize … Read More