We are developing a network of safe houses that serve as shelters and training centers for women who have been victims of domestic violence. In an area where rampant alcoholism leads to traumatic assault, our Houses of Hope serve as beacons of light. The stories of the women and children who have taken shelter at our Houses of Hope are unfathomable, but these women are protected, cared for and equipped to provide for their children.

Goal: to develop a network of safe houses that serve as shelters. Provide training for women to help develop their vocational skills.


Some women and their children flee to these shelters, while others are brought by local authorities. The Houses of Hope provide food, clothing, medical treatment, counseling services and love. Vocational training is offered to help develop skills such as sewing, healthy cooking or craft making. The women receive fellowship and witness the example of someone who is following Jesus in His mission.

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