Jacobs Farm – labor, love, and people – like us

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Dear Friends of Jacobs Farm,

It’s appropriate to start with a very sincere thank you… for your prayers, donations, support, gifts, and general goodwill.

Daily, it helps literally save lives. Substance abuse, to the extent that it drives men to seek this kind of help, is a very serious matter. They’ve hit rock bottom. They’ve usually lost almost everything including family, friends and community and with nowhere else to turn – it can be deadly. Fortunately, there are places like Jacob’s Farm, people like Ishmael Vallejos, the farm’s founder and Executive Director, and people like you.

The men who find themselves on this farm are regular people. They’re our parents, siblings, friends, neighbors and colleagues. They’re no different than anyone else, but on life’s journey they somehow wandered off the path. I wandered off the path, just as they have. I know it’s easy to do. They need help finding their way back, just as I did. And when they’re finally ready for that help, the farm is there for them. It’s a safe, sober, faith-based environment where they can let go and admit defeat. All of our paths are different, there is one common denominator, God.

A big part of recovery is relearning how to be productive and how to accept and maintain daily routines. We want to live this new, sober life of faith to its fullest, and we have to learn how to tackle this new life from a real-world perspective. We all have to work, pay bills, and be functioning members of society as well. Therefore, mixed in with daily Bible studies, recovery counseling, classes, and Alcoholics Anonymous, is real farm work. It’s extremely rewarding to watch these men take pride and ownership in their work on the farm.

We unfortunately still rely on outside money to maintain daily operations. We raise chickens and sell eggs, grow and sell crops, and raise and sell livestock. We do our best by making the farm as profitable as possible, but we are not self-sustainable yet.

So…on behalf of the men on the farm, the men who’ve graduated from the farm, all the men yet to make it to the farm, and all the players involved in running, maintaining, and volunteering on the farm, I’d like to extend a very sincere thank you for your help and investment in us.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Look us up if you ever find yourself in Belize.

We’d love to have you over for a true farm-to-table meal. God bless.

Scott Kirby