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Jacob’s Farm is a faith-based rehabilitation center offering men a place to gain freedom from alcohol and drug addictions. The farm is set on 58 acres and includes two dormitory facilities, a dining hall, a bath house and an office. Jacob’s Farm provides a home for men for four months while they engage in work therapy, participate in Journey to Freedom group sessions and attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Program participants also have ongoing one-on-one meetings with a clinical counselor.

Goal:  provide a faith-based rehabilitation center for men to rebuild their lives, gaining freedom from their addictions, by completing a service program. Opportunities for men to apply their skills, are developed through new projects. These projects increase a self-sustaining economy,

Current Project: New Irrigation System

Jacob’s Farm has two good wells.
Need: two pumps, a tank, and tower, and hoses.
Purpose: to grow plants year round.
Cost per system is about $4,000


The men help with the affairs of the farm, raising pigs, chicken, goats, fish and sheep. Crops grown on the land are consumed by the men, fed to farm animals and sold locally to providing a self-sustaining economy. Most importantly, the men are led by Ismael Vallejos, a follower of Jesus. Ismael points the men to Christ, while mentoring, training and discipling them. While Jacob’s Farm is committed to teaching the Gospel of Jesus, the ministry is non-denominational and does not discriminate based on religious background.

Jacob’s Farm is also a service provider for the Government of Belize. The nationwide Drug Court system actually began at Jacob’s Farm and the courts have identified Jacob’s Farm as an alternative to sentencing a man to prison. The court can exercise discretion and send a man to Jacob’s Farm if it provides a better alternative in that specific case. Following program completion, court supervision is continued.

The Belize Project recently leased 85 acres near Jacob’s Farm that will provide a place for men to rebuild their lives following program completion. It is envisioned that the men will have designated acres for their own farming. We are currently piloting microloans that will allow men to purchase supplies and support themselves while their crops are growing.

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