Journey to Freedom is a Christ-centered, 12-step program of Restore Ministries that began in the Green Hills YMCA of Nashville, Tennessee. Our goal in taking this program to Belize is to build healing communities. In a small-group setting facilitated by a trained leader, Belizeans come together to learn, support each other, and gain freedom from their life-controlling issues.

Goal: bring this program to Belizeans to build healing communities. Help alleviate the burden placed on leadership by empowering people to help each other.


The Belize Project provides training for facilitators and engages churches in sponsoring these groups. Our vision is to have Journey to Freedom groups in every village and community in the country. These groups help alleviate the burden placed on church pastors by empowering people to help each other in Christ-centered community. While participants do not have to be Believers, they hear the message of Jesus Christ and come to understand how God created us and His guidelines for our lives.

The federal prison system has adopted this program in their prison system. The Belize Project recently graduated 200 inmates who completed the course while in prison. This was the largest graduation ever reported by Restore Ministries!

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