Leadership Training programs work to encourage healthy, thriving churches in Belize. As an open religious nation, Belize has an abundance of churches planted across its soil. While the numbers are many, the prosperous ones are few. The vast majority of Belizean churches often see people come and go, contributing to church instability and challenges.

Goal: to develop ministries that are church promoted and provide training to encourage church growth.

Project Summary 

We strive to do everything through the local church. In an effort to alleviate the burden placed on the church, our ministries are church promoted, but not sponsored. Recognizing a developed church can have enormous impact on the surrounding village and community, we provide several ministries specifically to churches.

From equipping churches to teach about stewardship to providing transportation to church planters, we are committed to seeing Kingdom expansion in Belize. We provide training by serving as visiting pastors. Other projects such as Jacob’s Farm, Journey to Freedom and Houses of Hope complement our church development work by providing tools for the churches to minister to their congregations and reach into the greater community.

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