Why Belize?

The Belize Project Started out of Christ Presbyterian Church about 16 years ago when the church was looking for an English speaking country fairly close to Nashville that could be a location for short term mission trips. Mac Kelton, a local entrepreneur went on a trip and caught a vision for a ministry there and began traveling down several times a year and taking different folks with him with various backgrounds. From there....many people from around the country jumped in to start work on various missions....farms, fish farms, rehab, prison ministry, schools, churches, church leader training, education training, micro lending, etc.

Who’s on the Board?

Current Board Members are:

Mac Kelton, Christ Presbyterian Church

Ed Freeman, Chairman, Owner of StorePlace, West End Community Church

Beverly Totty, Heads up RESTORE Mission, White Bluff Baptist Church

Carver Morgan, Heads up Education Literacy Program, Redeemer Anglican Church

Charles Cranford, Education, Trinity Church

Kimberly Carraway, Education Training, Covenant Presbyterian Church

Carole Carter, PR, Church of the City

Where do donations go?

We are supported primarily by donations from Nashville but partner with RESTORE, and Cul2vate (local farming non profit). We are raising money in Belize and are working towards building a larger base of financial support there. The Farm and Fish Farm are presently self-sustaining....with small profits and up to 12 employees.

On our end, no teams, individuals, or churches receiving funding from the Belize Project for Trips, etc. Everyone’s travel, costs, and ministry expenses are paid by the individuals.